Klong Prem Central Prison

Brief History

Klong Prem Central prison was originally a temporary prison established in 1944. In 1959 has changed to a vocational training centre for those who act and behavior as gangster.

In 1960 the old Klong Prem prison on Mahchai road (now Rommaneenart park) was overcrowded. The Interior Ministry established a temporary prison within the same compound by deviding one part into a vocational training centre and the other part into the Lardyao temporary central prison.

In the year 1970 the Interior Ministry permanently separated the two part from each other and moved prisoners from the former prison to the current site. In 1972 the Interior Ministry ordered that the Lardyao prison be upgraded to Klong Prem Central Prison and the old prison has changed to Bangkok special prison

Klong Prem Central Prison Information Centre.

Klong Prem Central Prison Information Centre has the responsibility of keeping files on all prisoners and officers. Anyone requiring information must comply with the following.

1. To access information about a prisoner. Persons requesting information must be a close relative of the prisoner. The person must have official identification proving that they are a relative of the prisoner. Officials requiring information must have an appropriate request, identifying clearly the person who will collect the information. The Information Centre will then process the request. Only non-classified information shall be given out. No sensitive information will be released. Information that will be released includes.

2. To access information about officers. Individuals or officials who wish to know about officers working at Klong Prem Central prison must submit a request. The officer about whom information is requested will be informed, the request will have to be approved by a higher officer.

Prisoner Visits and Prisoner Contact

Klong Prem Central Prison allows the family of the prisoner to visit according to the following day and time schedule. The building the prisoner is being held in determines which days he can have visits. From 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday as follows :

Day Building

Monday 1 - 5
Tuesday 4 – 14 and the catering building
Wednesday 3 and the hospital
Thursday 2 – 9 – 7
Friday 6

If any visit day falls on a holiday, it is postponed to the next day. Prisoners who are being punished for bad behaviour will not be allowed to have visits until the punishment is complete.

Visit Regulations

All visitors must comply with the followed regulations :

  1.  Visitors must polite clothing. Males must wear long trousers and females may wear skirts not shorter than knee length
  2.  Visitors must not be drunk and must carry and prohibited material into the prison
  3.  Visitors must show some official form of identification
  4.  Visitors must collect a visit card and waif for their visit round

Prohibited Visitors

No visit will be granted to anyone who falls under any of the following:

  1. The Authorities have reason to believe that if permission to visit (or contact) the prisoner is given, it may cause an incident.
  2. The person is dressed inappropriately, unusually or who is not clean and tidy.
  3. They have no connection with the prisoner or if they are not related.
  4.  If they display bad manners
  5.  If they are ex-prisoners, released less than six months previously.

The prison officials have a legal right to refuse entry to, or remove from the premises, any person who does not have permission to visit or contact a prisoner or those who have permission but break the rules.

Depositing Money for Prisoners

Prisoners may not have cash but money can be deposited to their prison account. With this account, the prisoner can order certain approved items. Relations may deposit to this account by either of the following ways:

  1. Cash : To deposit cash the visitor must deposit money with the officer assigned this particular duty only. This officer can be found in the deposit room in the administration building. The officer will issue the depositor a receipt, which should be checked by the depositor. Please do not leave money with any other officer, as the prison will not be held responsible for this money. Any prisoner caught trying to smuggle cash into the prison will be punished according paragraph 45 of the Correction Department Act of 1936.
  2. Money order : Please address money oredrs to the prisoner, including their full name, their building and ask the money to be paid via the Jatujuck or Ngarmwongwan road post office

Visitors Leaving Things for prisoners

To protect against the smuggling of prohibited articles, the prison has on provision for accepting thing left by visitors. However, the prison has a shop where approved items may be purchased for the prisoners at reasonable prices. These goods will be handed to the prisoner the same day. Exceptions to this arrangement include items of clothing or articles that the prison does not sell.

Prisoners who have relations living in the Bangkok area can make a request for articles to be left at the visit area. Once this request has been granted the prisoner must send the request, or be letter inform their relatives. The relatives can then arrange those items detailed in the approved request and bring them to the prison, together with the permission slip. If the relations live outside of Bangkok and the surrounding areas, the prisoner must follow the same procedure but the items may be sent in a parcel.

Prohibited Articles

The following items are prohibited. Any person found in possession of any of the following by a prison official, will be prosecuted under the Correction Department Act of 1936 which could include imprisonment:

  1. Opuim, Heroin, Hash, and addictive drug or intoxicating substance.
  2. Whiskey or any form of alcohol.
  3. Any gambling equipment.
  4. Escape equipment.
  5. Weapons.
  6. Poison or any retted food.
  7. Explosives.
  8. Any communications equipment.

Contact Visit Regulations

The Corrections Department organises contact visits at certaim times of the year, allowing well behaved prisoners to have contact with their family inside the prison. Prisoners have the opportunity to have lunch with their relatives. This contact is allowed in the hope that it will improve relations between the prisoner and their family, thus helping the prisoner reintegrate into society. Contact visits are granted twice a year. Please see the paragraph titled dates and times for details on when these visits are scheduled.

Qualification Requirements for Contact Visits

The Correction Department will set a list of requirements regarding who may apply for contact visits, before each contact visit period. Generally these requirements will be along the following lines:

1. Prisoners with a ‘middle’ behaviour classification will be allowed one visit. The following conditions apply,

2. Prisoners with a ‘good’ behaviour classification will be permitted to have not more than two contact visit and the following conditions apply,

3. Foreign prisoners who are not being disciplined or considered for disciplinary action will be permitted to have two visits. Visitors must apply for permission to visit though their Embassy consular department. The following conditions apply:

Visitor Requirements and Qualifications for Relative status

Persons who qualify for status as a relative, must consider the following:

  1. Visitors must be a relative of the prisoner, such as; Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Uncle or Aunt. Prisoner’s Wives are included as are the relatives of the prisoner’s wife. Persons under the age of 15 years must be the prisoner’s children or the prisoner’s adopted children.
  2. In cases where the prisoner has no relation visiting, the Director of the prison will consider other people on a case by case basis.
  3. Not more than 10 relatives may visit a prisoner at a time.
  4. All relatives must show some from of official identification.

Dates and Times for Contact Visits

  1. The prison will announce and set dates for contact visits. Prisoner will be informed and the names of those prisoners who qualify for visits will be displayed. Relatives can check the list of names and then apply for contact visits.
  2. Visit times will be set at two hours per visit, twice a day.
Morning sessions will be from 9.00 till 11.00
Afternoon sessions will be from 13.00 till 18.00


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