This prisoner handbook, published by the Foreign Affairs Sub-bureau, Thai Department of Corrections, is intended for your use while you are incarcerated with the Thai Department of Corrections. It is intended to help you understand the general rules, procedures, requirements and routines of the correctional facilities across the country.
If you are entering a facility for the first time you will be interested in what is expected of you, as well as what will be provided to you, by the Thai Department of Corrections. This prisoner handbook will answer some of your questions during your incarceration. There are rules and regulations, which you will be expected to observe while in prison as you prepare for your release from prison. You will be treated humanely and you will be allowed to earn opportunities to change the life habits that helped put you in prison. You can also learn skills that will help you find work that will hopefully keep you from returning to prison.
The Thai correctional officers will help you in your efforts to improve, but you must be willing to assume responsibility for yourself and be willing to demonstrate that willingness by your performance. You are facing a new challenge in your life that can be used for your betterment if you take advantage of the opportunities offered to you. There will be opportunities throughout your incarceration for self-betterment and to maximize your chances of successful re-entry to society. You are encouraged to take steps to make successful re-entry a reality for yourself. We hope that you will treat your time in our correctional facility as an opportunity to correct mistakes, to lean how to return to society as a contributing member.