Prisoners shall be discharged in any of the following cases:

(1)    When prisoner has served his/her term

(2)    When inmate has served a period of time mentioned in warrant of detention

(3)    When the case is dismissed

(4)    When prisoner is provisionally released on bail

(5)    When prisoner is granted parole/ good conduct allowance

(6)    When convict is pardoned


The process of release is as follows:

(1)    The prisoner is asked to return any state property in his/ her possession e.g. uniforms, mattresses and mats

(2)    Inmates without relatives and those who cannot afford travel fare are provided with a ticket or pocket money as stated by the regulation provided that he/she has in advance submitted an application and has been interviewed by the authority.

(3)    A convict who is discharged is entitled to a certificate of liberation

(4)    Prisoner’s belongings deposited to the officials on his/ her admission are returned.

(5)    Proof of discharge is issued.

(6)    For parolee, or those released as an effect of good conduct allowance, a certificate of such release is given.