Good-conduct allowance system can be divided into 2 categories

(1)  Good-conduct allowance which varies upon classes of prisoner

A qualified prisoner must be a convicted prisoner being imprisoned not less than 6 months. In case of life imprisonment, the prisoner must be imprisoned at least 10 years. Each prisoner will receive good-conduct allowance days varying upon his/her class.

  • Excellent class receives 5 days/month
  • Very good class receives 4 days/month
  • Good class receives 3 days/month


(2)  Public Work Allowance is also given in accordance with the number of working days that a prisoner spent doing public work outside the prison.  In other words, for one working day on public work, one day shall be reduced from his/ her imprisonment term.

To be eligible for public work,

  • Prisoner must have no more than 2 years remaining in his/her term
  • Prisoner must be convicted of crime other than that against the King/ the Queen, the Heir-apparent and the Regent, offenses against internal/ external security of the Kingdom and Drug offense.
  • Prisoner must serve the minimum term which varies according to his/ her class as follows:

–      Excellent Class: serve at least 1/5 of the original sentence term

–      Very good Class: serve at least 1/4 of the original sentence term

–      Good Class: serve at least 1/3 of the original sentence term

–      Moderate Class: serve at least 1/2 of the original sentence term


Prison officials shall make a calculation of the days of sentence remission obtained from both systems for the consideration of the Good Conduct Allowance Committee. Once the total number of days to be reduced from the prisoner’s original term is equivalent to that of the remaining term, the Committee shall order the conditional release of such prisoner on probation.