Normally when newly admitted offenders are sent to prison, they shall be processed the inmate records, assessed and classified for the purposes of ensuring security and preparing rehabilitation plan which responds to inmates’ individual needs and risks, as well as medically examined by medical staff to indicate their state of health. It is very essential for prison officers to collect all relevant information on the inmates before planning effective treatment program.


Classification in the prison system is divided in two levels: classification for segregation and classification for rehabilitation.


The objective of classification for segregation is to divide offenders in three main groups:

– offenders who do not need rehabilitation such as well‐educated people;

– offenders who do not suit rehabilitation such as repeated criminal record prisoners; and

– offenders who can be rehabilitated and will be. This group will be classified under the second level which is classification for rehabilitation. In order to rehabilitate these offenders effectively, their background and all details about their needs must be studied carefully.


After the classification process, the prison staff shall explain the prison rules and regulations, the daily routine schedule, and expected behaviors to all newly admitted prisoners. The rules and regulations should be written in such an easy way for all inmates to understand. Moreover, they should be posted clearly, easily seen in common areas in prisons.