Bang Kwang Central Prison

Brief History

The history of Bang – Kwang Central Prison can be traced back to the year of 1902 when King Rama V had arranged to buy a large piece of land in Nonthaburi province in order to construct a prison for all long – term prisoners. However the prison had not yet been built when King Rama V died. The construction started in the reign of King Rama VI (1927) and finished in 1931

Categories of Prisoners

1. Prisoners whose appeals are pending in the Appeal Court and the Surpreme Court.
2. Convicted Male prisoners whose terms of sentences range from 25 years to life sentence.
3. Death Sentence Prisoners waiting for execution.

Building and Facilities

1. The prison is divided into 13 seperate sections.
2. Total compound area 80 acres.
3. Intended capacity for Bang – kwang Central Prison was about 4,000 inmates. However, at present there are about 8,000.
4. 25 work shops.
5. One auditorium.
6. One hospital.
7. 11 dormitories and 11 dining halls.
8. Outside walls are 2,406 metres long, 6 metres high and 1 metre beneath the ground equipped with high voltage wires.
9. Inside walls of each section are 1,298 metres long, 6 metres high equipped with barbed wires.


Recreation and entertainment facilities, both indoor and outdoor, are available to all inmates. These include library, television, radio, video, movies and various types of sports and games. These activities keep inmates strong and provide physical and emotional release. They enable inmates to experience interpersonal and group relations, self confidence interpersonal and group relations, self confidence and new better ways to spend their leisure time upon release.


A convicted prisoner can be released on any one of the following 3 major grounds :

  • on the expiration of his term of sentence or by the orders of competent authorities.
  • On royal pardon (occasionally).
  • On parole (after two – third of his term of sentence has been served).

Reduction of time served depends variably upon good behavior by classification and the days of working for the public.
All prisoners released on parole are subject to a statutory period of parole supervision. Clothing and travelling expenses as well as subsistence allowances will be granted to inmates upon their requests.

Inmate’s daily routine (except Saturday, Sunday and national holidays)

06.00 Hours   Breakfast
08.30 Hours   Attend vocational training or educational programs
12.00 Hours   Lunch
13.00 Hours   Attend vocational training or educational programs
15.30 Hours   Recreation and personal activities
16.30 Hours   Dinner
17.30 Hours   Lockup
21.00 Hours   Prayer and bedtime




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